Interim VP Product / Digital Transformation Leader (London, UK)



I'm a positive and happy person with a deep sense of gratitude trying to be in a constant state of Chardi Kala. I have a curious mind constantly looking to learn new things and take on bigger challenges.

My core belief is "Life is beautiful but short". It has instilled a crazy work ethic and disciplined approach in me that pushes me to prioritise what truly matters in all areas of life. Frankly, this has been the core driver for no-nonsense approach to doing great work, and building many successful digital products for clients and employers alike.

My Vision is to contribute more to the Universe than I consume.

My strategy to achieve this vision is to work on digital products that contributes to the society in a positive way. The second strand of my strategy is to guide, influence and help people to become great leaders of the future.

I’m a creator at heart, and love working with inspiring, smart and intelligent people to build great things.

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