Interim VP Product / Digital Transformation Leader (London, UK)

A platform for change at global scale

Quiet Riots hired me to be part of freelance team they brought together to conceive and build a platform for bringing change in the real world for issues that annoy many of us. I'm humbled to be part of an incredibly smart team (many of whom went on to build their own business successfully) and having the chance to design and deliver a product for social good.

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Delayed flights, long queues at banks, mobile contract lock-ins, poor customer service, unjust parking fines, fly tipping on your street, high air pollution... the list of everyday life issues in endless. Who hasn't had a bad experience that has caused them anxiety resulting in loss of time or money leaving them unhappy?

Quiet Riots is a revolutionary platform built to resolve such issues and make your life better. I was part of the core team who conceptualised this project and brought it to market. I worked closely with the CEO, Simon Darling, in the capacity of Principal UX Designer and designed every aspect of the product end-to-end primarily as a web app complemented with a light version of native mobile app.

We designed Quiet Riots with a simple two step process: 1) Get it off your chest and 2) Take action.

Every time you have an awful experience, getting it off your chest by telling your friends, family and sometimes the person next to you at home or at work instantly makes you feel better. Problem shared is problem halved, as they say.

Quiet Riots provided an easy way to users to let their frustration out by sharing it with the community either as a general issue e.g. state of public transport, or related to a specific organisation e.g. Vodafone signal issues. The complaint doesn't stop there, infact, this is where it gets interesting. 

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Quiet Riots gathers people who have experienced a similar issue or care about that issue enough to come together in a "riot" and take collective action. We achieve this by providing people with tools and platform to gather evidence and take appropriate action to bring the change.

While reporting the issues, users can submit evidence via tweets, photos and videos, and take any of the following actions:

  • Join the Quiet Riot
  • Share evidence
  • Sign the letter to the CEO (My personal favourite)
  • Deploy a human chicken outside organisation's HQ (Community's favourite)
  • Arrange a local meeting to discuss the issue
  • Request a custom action e.g. create a short documentary

Every issue provides temperature measurement (hold, warm, cold etc) and displays progress visually. In addition, we built numerous ways to discover popular issues by area or city, compare organisations on a particular issue e.g. which bank is best and worst at customer service, and surface issues that matter to their friends and family connected via Quiet Riots platform.


The concept was received quite positively at all stages with the audience - user research, testing, pre and post launch, with a common response "Why didn't someone think about this before?". During the beta launch, our team facilitated and resolved many issues, deployed many chickens around London and even got CEO's of few organisations to respond directly. The platform developed well for many years following the launch with community shaping towards the well-known 90/9/1 rule i.e. 90% of lurkers, 9% contributors and 1% super-active contributors.


Mobile app demo (Beta version)

Some UX artefacts utilised by developers

Some UX artefacts utilised by developers

High fidelity mockup for header with login pop-up

High fidelity mockup for header with login pop-up



















High fidelity wireframe of the issue page

High fidelity wireframe of the issue page

Mockup of the issue page to utilise for A/B testing

Mockup of the issue page to utilise for A/B testing

Another mockup with emphasis on secondary actions like deploy a chicken

Another mockup with emphasis on secondary actions like deploy a chicken


Harpal is someone who contains intellectual sharpness with a warm, sunny disposition that has been a huge asset to the team I've worked with him in. He has an analytical mind that cuts through to the key issues. He has a real feel and interest in User Experience design and importantly, he has a lot of real world exposure that informs his instinctive insights. In addition, he's a hard worker who goes out of way to exceed expectations.
Simon Darling, CEO, Quiet Riots

What I did for Quiet Riots

Strategy & Execution

  • Product vision and roadmap

  • Product ideation & validation

  • Business strategy

  • Go-to-market strategy

Design & Research

  • User experience and design

  • Wireframing and user journeys

  • Clickable prototypes

  • User interviews and usability testing

Behind the Scenes

  • Collaborated with remote development teams in Ukraine and India


Year: 2009 and 2011-2012
Engagement period: 5 months in 2009, and 4 months spanned over 2011 & 2012
Industry: Social Good

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