Interim VP Product / Digital Transformation Leader (London, UK)

The fashion recommendation engine that learns from your cravings

Fashiny provides a “crave” browser button to users which they use to collect the products they like from any shopping site on the internet. It also provides a selection of products on their own website for add to their collections. 

We create an individual’s Fashion Identity from their cravings, collections, past purchases, browsing history and social networks. This data is then used to deliver a personalised experience through a powerful fashion recommendation engine that combines machine learning algorithms with human input provided by fashion experts and users.

Fashiny demo (beta)


Harpal is a fantastic web designer and innovator. His work at Fashiny during the Oxygen Accelerator and after have shown him to be on the path to success. He understands technology and human interaction with it at a level that few do. On top of it all he's a great guy too!
James Tabor, CEO, Media Protocol

What I did for Fashiny

Strategy & Execution

  • Business plan and strategy

  • Product roadmap

  • Product lifecycle management

  • Content and go-to-market strategy

Design & Research

  • Branding & logo design

  • User interviews, usability testing & research

  • Wireframing, User journeys and Prototypes

Behind the Scenes

  • Blogger outreach

  • Brand integrations and sales

  • Product demos

  • Pitching to competitions like Bright ideas


Year: 2011
Engagement period: 3 months
Industry: eCommerce

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