Interim VP Product / Digital Transformation Leader (London, UK)

The shoppable style magazine curated by fashion bloggers

Chik brings together the fashion world, style advice and unique social views in one beautiful magazine. It aids in the serendipitous discovery of fashion products based on individual's style that they can buy then and there.

homeimg.jpg addressed a gap in the market for mobile and tablet users where it was hard to discover, browse and buy products from looks posted by fashion bloggers. Before Chik, users had to jump between social networks, personal blogs and websites depending on the platform a blogger used leading to a frustrating experience on mobile and a missed opportunity for brands and bloggers alike to sell.

Chik (sheek) launched as an iPad magazine to explore and shop the most coveted looks curated by fashion influencers. It allowed you to hand pick your favourite blogs, brands and designers to create a personalised magazine that reflects your individual style. It's like Flipboard for fashion but more beautiful and shoppable.

I co-founded this venture-backed startup with a business partner, and as CEO, I was involved in every aspect of the business from building a team to raising the investment and building the product.

Specifically, I led the entire product development, strategy and design, and took the app from conception to launch. I built a solid team of 14 people in London, Ukraine & Tel Aviv with developers making most of the team. I also hired number of interns and temporary staff to cover marketing, influencer outreach and other content related activities.

Results was built iteratively and the product roadmap was heavily driven by fashion influencers and users. The app focused on quality of content rather than breadth and managed to reach 200K monthly active users with many die-hard fans. The number of app downloads on all platforms reached a far higher number.

I was successfully able to raise funding twice from multiple investors who saw the value in the idea, need for it and the popularity of it amongst the fashion community. about page design bloggers page design

Design assets for the app

Design assets for the app


Harpal is lucky enough to have a mix of UX, UI and entrepreneur skills. Able to produce a stream of UI designs born from insight into the user experience, he knows page layout, use white space, graphic design, A/B testing, means he is a great front end talent. Aside from technical skills, he's a really nice guy and great to work with, patient and tactful, always willing to hear ideas.
Andrew Lucas, CTO, Chik

What I did for

Strategy & Execution

  • Business plan and strategy

  • Product roadmap

  • Product lifecycle management

  • Content and go-to-market strategy

Design & Research

  • Branding, logo

  • User interviews, usability testing & research

  • Wireframing, User journeys and Prototypes

  • App UI design

  • CMS design and flows

Behind the Scenes

  • Running the business

  • Hiring developers, writers, designers, researchers and interns

  • Blogger outreach

  • Brand integrations and sales

  • VC pitches, fund raising and startup competitions


Note: The premium domain name is available for purchase along with brand and design assets. Please contact me, if you are interested.

Year: 2011-2012
Engagement period: 18 months
Industry: eCommerce

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